About Us

Thank you for visiting our website. Miranda API is a full service Intellectual Property Law Firm in Argentina, which provides wide-ranging services in this field to our clients and foreign associates. It undertakes all legal and technical matters and is engaged in all kinds of related services, more particularly:

  • Trademarks, patents, industrial designs and models, utility models, domain names and copyright registration
  • Licensing
  • Defense or prosecution of passing-off, falsification, counterfeiting, infringement and claims thereof
  • Oppositions
  • Unfair competition
  • Trade secrets
  • Litigation
  • Commercialization of intellectual property
  • Name generation for products and services
  • High Technology Law


Founded in 1979, it is now one of the most prestigious Argentine Intellectual Property Law Firms based in downtown Buenos Aires. The firm represents international and national corporations and foreign legal firms.

Miranda API has vast experience representing clients of foreign legal firms seeking advice on Argentine Intellectual Property Laws, as well as prosecution and litigation. We understand that the high costs of IP protection around the world is a critical factor in the decision-making process of companies. Consequently, we are engaged in providing the most competitive fees to our international associates while keeping the highest quality legal representation.

Our main office is conveniently located in mid-town, Buenos Aires, near all the city Law Courts.

The firm utilizes the latest technology in order to provide our clients and associated firms with services of excellence, such as a very sophisticated computer/communication system to keep track of and report all relevant events in obtaining and maintaining patents, trademarks, designs, and works.

Our lawyers and engineers are among the most qualified and best skilled. We have experience in pursuing, licensing, acquiring, and litigating intellectual property rights in all areas of technology, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, telecommunications, mechanics, chemicals, informatics, biotechnology, and industrial processes. The firm members have lectured in Argentine Universities and written articles on the various forms of intellectual property protection.

Through a continuously connected network we provide IP registration services in the following countries of South America – Latin America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The patent translations from English to Spanish are performed by our own translators who have engineering degrees. This combination of technical proficiency and linguistic ability is crucial to translate patent specifications with the highest standards of quality. The Spanish translations are prepared in a format which is acceptable to every Patent Office in Latin America with minor adaptations from our local associates.

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