By means of I.N.P.I.’s Resolution No. 112/19, the National Patent Administration has created the “Prioritized Patent Examination Program” (PEP), in force as of June 07, 2019.

Said program will be applicable to patent applications that comply with the following conditions:

a) Must have been first filed in Argentina;

b) Must have been published in the Official Patent Gazette;

c) The period for third parties to file objections must have elapsed;

d) Substantive Examination fees must have been paid;

e) The Substantive Examination cannot have been performed; and

f) No other similar fast-track examination request for the same application exists.

Having complied with the requirements set forth in the Resolution, the Patent Office will decide about whether the prioritized examination request is admissible within sixty days counted from the request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information about this matter.