Argentina PTO to increase Official Fees

Official fees for Trademarks, Patents and Designs are to be increased in two stages–in August and October 2017. The increase will be approximately 40% (on average) on most items, with higher increases (about 100%) for recording assignments and changes of name. On the other hand, the increase regarding annuities is expected to be lower (about 20%).

Furthermore, a new fee will be introduced corresponding to the voluntary accelerated examination of patent applications.

The new official fees have not been confirmed since the PTO is yet to release an official announcement regarding these increases.

Transfer and Intellectual Property Course – Patent Drafting

On May 18, Ayelén Barreto participated as an exhibitor in the Transfer and Intellectual Property Course organized by the Secretariat of Science and Technology at the University of Buenos Aires. Her class was based on the following topic: anatomy and drafting of a patent application.

Transfer and Intellectual Property Course – Fundamentals of the Patent System

Miguel Miranda participated as an exhibitor in the Transfer and Intellectual Property Course organized by the Secretariat of Science and Technology at the University of Buenos Aires.

The objective of the course is to ensure that the scientific and management community in all units of the University is able to manage the activities of transfer of knowledge, intellectual property and results from University to society.

In his class on April 27, 2017, Engineer Miranda explained very clearly and dynamically the fundamentals of the patent system, conducting an intrinsic analysis of patentability and the patenting process, and provided the attendants with strategies for the protection of inventions. In addition, he presented national and international statistical data on the subject matter, with particular emphasis on university patents.

Argentina T.O. adopts 11th Edition of the Nice Classification

As from January 1st, 2017, by means of INPI’s Resolution P No. 108/16, the Argentinean Trademark Office has adopted the 11th Edition of the Nice Classification for the international classification of goods and services applied for the registration of marks.

It is worth pointing out that, each time a new edition of this classification comes into force, certain goods and services are reclassified.

It is vitally important to take into consideration these reclassifications particularly at the moment of filing trademark renewal applications. This is due to the fact that, in the case that the scope of the original trademark registration comprised goods or services which had been reclassified, an additional application –a reclassification application– must be filed simultaneously with the filing of the renewal application in order to maintain the right over said goods or services. Otherwise, the scope of the renewed trademark will only include those goods or services which remain in the class; in other words, goods or services that had been moved to another class will be excluded from the trademark registration.

On the other hand, when a trademark is renewed, the goods/services which were incorporated to the class of the registration will be excluded ex officio by the Trademark Office at the moment of granting the renewal given that said goods/services were not included in the original application.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require more detailed information about this matter.

Below you will find a link to the complete list of reclassified goods and products of the 11th Edition of the Nice Classification.